Act Now

The Book of Acts website back from the Valley of Corrupted WordPress Themes! The site is under reconstruction, so please forgive the wide variety of glitches as repairs are made…

The first followers of Jesus engaged in radical redistribution of power and wealth through voluntary and democratic processes that resembled the modern cooperative business in some key ways. Their new economy broke down the isolation felt by people struggling to survive in the imperial economy and helped God’s love break through.

This website explores how the early church was organized and presents modern thinking on cooperatives. It includes several lists to get you started on the topic: These include the Scriptural basis for cooperation, examples of cooperatives that have been created by followers of Jesus, some readings on the subject, and resources that you can use to find out more about what cooperatives are, and how to start one.

We now face times much like those described in Acts: Great and unresponsive powers increasingly control our communities, and we all face isolation and fear as a result of that control. It’s time to Act.


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